1970s Rock is a good summer sound, but the 70s wasn’t all Led Zeppelin derivatives and fluffy hair. There was also the introduction of Psychobilly as a darker sub-genre of Rockabilly. The Cramps started it in America, the first big name in the UK was The Meteors in the 1980s. You can find more detail on Wikipedia, and on this long Spotify Playlist (don’t click that unless you really like Psychobilly music, there’s a lot).

Back to the June Playlist :

  1. Necromancy – The Coffinshakers. A Swedish band who struggled in the 90s, gained a small following in Finland and had a minor resurgence some years later. The theatrics and Johnny Cash sound-a-like captures the genre for me.
  2. My Love for Evermore – The Hillbilly Moon Explosion (Switzerland). A fine example of the kitsch and fun side of Rockabilly, with a Psycho twist. The video on Youtube is a great mini-movie, don’t be fooled by the opening credits.
  3. Black Smoke Rising – Greta Van Fleet. Southern rock style band from Michigan. Three of the four are brothers. It’s a great sound, very Led Zeppelin. Hopefully, they will become more distinctive with time, they’ve got plenty of it.
  4. Stand Up – ACDC. Not so much time for them, hence a slower number. As ballad-y as it gets for this group. This sort of hard-rocking blues also came up in the 1970s.
  5. Can’t Take It With You – Allman Brothers Band. This is an actual 1970s song, enjoy. I first heard this song while I was working on this list. It was used as the theme tune to the BBC Radio 4 show of the same name, by top comedian Angela Barnes.
  6. Mine Forever – Lord Huron. This is a soft-focus end of the evening song, it sounds a lot older than it is. But isn’t this a romantic 2020’s song? Listen to the words carefully, and now imagine The Coffinshakers performing it. “In my mind your mine forever, In my mind your mind forever…” It could be the theme of a stalker meetup group.