The Bitcoin Bubble

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The only reason anyone is giving for buying Bitcoin is to make money, it’s speculation only. That’s how you know it’s in a bubble. Bubbles do two things, they inflate and they burst. Typically, professional traders will all sell together, causing the burst, and retail traders will be left holding the losses. Bitcoin evangelists will tell us there is another good reason to buy, Bitcoin is the future of money. So how is it different from normal assets?

Make a comparison with gold, there is a persistent fear that central banks will dump their holdings, collapsing the price. Or, a new gold field opens up and if it’s big enough, it collapses the price. That can’t happen to Bitcoin, according to the evangelists. There are 21 million Bitcoins and that number can not change. For that simple reason, the value of Bitcoin will keep going up, according to the evangelists. Demand is increasing but supply is fixed.

That still leaves the central bank dumping question. ‘Central banks don’t hold Bitcoin’, again the evangelists have the answer. What if we substitute ‘Central Bank’ with ‘Someone having Massive Bitcoin holding’? That person could dump their coins and collapse the market. Does such a person exist? Yes. Not one individual, but a small group of people. This group bought lots and lots of Bitcoin years ago, when it was cheap. Now these people are sitting on massive profits, which they will realise when they sell their coins. They know who they are, they talk to each other because they want to know before the others sell out and collapse the market.

Who is this cartel? It doesn’t matter according to the old poker maxim ‘if you don’t know who the patsy is in the game, it’s you’. Ok, the cartel is The Evangelists, the ones giving all the reasons why Bitcoin is the future of money. They have launched a Futures contract on CBOE, they are preparing ETFs next. All to make it easier for you to get into Bitcoin and inflate the price. They are stoking demand for a finite asset which they hold a big chunk of.

While it’s true no new Bitcoin mines can be found, there are other cryptocurrencies. Ethereum is quite well known. Dash, Litecoin, Peercoin, Quarkcoin, Stablecoin are among many more. The Japanese government is planning a cryptocurrency for use in the 2020 Olympic village. Ripple XRP is based on a transactional network infrastructure which already has the buy-in of some major banks. Some say that if cryptocurrencies are sustainable, governments will issue their own, collapsing the private ones like Bitcoin. When will this happen? At the latest I propose the Summer of 2020, around the time we get a new 100 metres champion.

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  1. Update: Quantum Computing. You know how all internet security, including the blockchain, is based on prime numbers? There is no way of calculating primes, you just have to keep going along all the numbers that exist and checking each one until you find a new prime. University professors can’t calculate primes, that’s why criminals aren’t going to do it, ever.

    Well, Quantum computers can calculate prime numbers. Boom. That was the sound of bitcoin going down and your internet bank being wide open, along with all those https:// secure sites. Credit cards will be useless, anything that uses a pin number or password is useless. Estimates are between 5 and 20 years for when Quantum computers come to stores near you. I’m not aware that anyone has a plan for how society is going to function after that.

  2. Consider this. The number of bitcoins is finite, there will never be new ones. You can’t just print more like the central bank prints more dollars to stoke inflation. On the other hand, you can lose bitcoins. Someone dies without revealing a password, someone loses their password, a drug-dealers coins are confiscated by the state. Over an infinite period of time, bitcoins will disappear. For a certain period, they will become so few in number they will be collectable, like Roman coins are now.

    Read a real news article about it here

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