Energy Plan

Updated: 15 Feb 2018


1. Staying up late drains energy.

2. No energy start.
Is sleep the solution to No Energy? It should be
Lose motivation and inspiration, watch tv, no way out until energy returns.
Sometimes you just have to force yourself to ‘join in, you might like it’

3. Energised start
Trading maintains energy while in profit. Bad trading drains energy, it’s harder.
Writing, stop when you’re on a roll
Music, singing works. Then I play along and lose my place, get bored.
Programming, GoLang – always learning something. Results come from MQL now.

4. Energising Things (Process, Review)
clearing email
collections lists
forcing myself to trade
processing Ideas

5. End the day
Drift aimlessly with no specific task or routine.
I would like to have a trade review, plan tomorrow. Review long term trading if I didn’t trade that day. The tomorrow plan needs to sometimes be about houskeeping and idling around. You can get a sense of acheivement of having done nothing all day because that was the plan.


I can only do a thing for a certain amount of time. The mental pathways get polluted with recall chemicals. I have to do something else, and keep changing until my whole brain is full of sludge, then the only option is sleep to clean all the crap out, sleep.

Fear is the hormone reaction to putting money on the table, it doesn’t change the mathematical probabilities, it is not a reason to back out.
Think it say it. Learn from peoples reactions

Collect, Process, Review. This is the circle, the hamster wheel that you can keep going on. What if Review, means going away and thinking / reading / yoga.

When you are ahead, you drift into distraction.
1. Front-running games is difficult, practice this. Win by massive margins.
2. You have energy, you need to run or drum, otherwise you won’t sleep.

When I put something forward and _ picks a hole in it, I withdraw and throw a tantrum. I can’t think, my answers are delayed. If anyone else does it, I can keep calm and think and argue my point.
1. Immediate Needs, in the moment. Feelings.
2. Medium Term, to do list, collection items.
3. Long Term, big goals.


The past, present and future all exist here, now. Everything in the past is fixed, nothing you can do about it, but you can use it. The present is eveything that is available to you now, to mould the future.

Things to Try

Zero carb 3 day plan. Means no leftover potatoes from Sunday dinner. No carbs from monday am until thursday am.
Fasting for Macrophagy, destroy the weak protiens. Pick a day, can you do 48 hours?
Go to bed when you’re tired
You can work all day; read, plan and prep. It’s all good contribution.


Saz Plan